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Tanso Design - Toyota Yaris GR carbon fibre part

Tanso Design is a forward-thinking and highly professional company. Dedicated to providing top-quality precision OEM carbon fibre parts. In addition, we make parts for motor vehicles, but also bespoke projects.  And are currently specialising in replacement parts for the Toyota Yaris GR.

Toyota Yaris GR parts are the highest quality. Hand-made with delicate precision. And with 24′ years experience, you’re in good hands! In other words, we offer unique services provided by amazing craftsmanship.

Toyota Yaris GR Parts Products

Why Tanso Design?

Sourcing replacement parts for discontinued/rare cars can be significantly challenging. If your car is a classic car, you may not be able to source a replacement part. That’s why at Tanso Design, we are on hand to help!

  • Toyota Yaris carbon fibre parts that are highly durable
  • Very strong as well as bespoke made to fit
  • Slick and epic finish

The Toyota Yaris GR series is a very popular car. For instance, this car was voted 10/10 by Top Gear. in addition winning a 6th hot hatch award by What Car! We think that the Toyota Yaris is a truly exhilarating sports car!   

We are working hard at producing Yaris replacement parts. Subsequently, the complete package for the Yaris will become available shortly! Furthermore, we are now pleased to be able to offer Window Switch Panel pairs for passenger/driver’s sides.

About Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is a strong material, five times as strong as steel! It is made from crystalline filaments, also carbon-based. Above all, these are used to make the material strong. The material is also very light-weight. This means that it is idea for a variety of purposes.

It is a durable and highly creative material. This is perfect for the construction of replacement parts. Including vintage and older mechanical components no longer manufactured today.

Carbon fibre  has a high tensile strength.  For instance, it is resistant to chemicals and heat tolerance.  It’s highly sought after by a number of industries. These include: the military, formula one, aviation and medical industries.

Carbon fibre is created through a chemical process. This uses long strands of carbon fibre, heated to a high temperature. During the process, the atoms of the carbon vibrate and long inter-twined chains are produced

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Located in Towcester, Northamptonshire.  Tanso Design provide a full scale, tailored consultancy service. Therefore, we can create any part for any classic, sports or regular car.

  • We offer top quality craftsmanship
  • We provide a friendly, professional service
  • And have over 24 years’ experience 

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